Maria Guerrero
Suraj Bhullar
Rohan Mannem
Ken Lam
Christopher Martinez-Cavadias
Ahmad Abu Nasra
Shadi Hamdan
Jordan Young
Justin Aranda
Anthony Gallardo

Good evening Candidate, you did not attend the mandatory candidates meeting last Tuesday, and did not contact me previously to discuss an absence. Whereas, Art. VII, Sec. A, Subsection 3, Clause (c) of the ASUCI Elections Code states,

“If the candidate or representative (in the case of referenda, initiatives, and referrals) fails to attend the meeting without notifying the Elections Commissioner, they will receive a level two punitive measure, as stipulated in Article XXI, section B.”

As such I must now enforce a level 2 punitive measure against your campaign. Whereas Art. XXI, Sec. B, Subsection 2 of the ASUCI Elections Code states,

“Level 2 Restrictions on Posting: Restrictions on Posting will include a moratorium on any type of posting of campaign material for a candidate, slate, candidates, or slates on any surfaces outlined in the UC Irvine posting policy. This moratorium shall last for three days and shall not permit the candidate or slate to put up additional campaign material for three days from the exact time that the ASUCI Elections Commission formally notifies the candidate or slate. It will be noted by the Elections Commissioner what time the ruling was made and that this punitive measure shall last until that time has elapsed for a period of three days. If Level 2 is imposed on a candidate(s) or slate(s), neither they nor their campaign will be able to put up new material, but will be permitted to keep up whatever material they already have. Candidates or slates will also be permitted to continue to booth and pass out campaign material with their campaign team to pedestrians. This measure can only be employed during the election cycle and not after it has ceased.”

You now have a 72 hour restriction on posting on behalf of your campaign. This restriction will lift at 7 PM Tuesday April 7th. You may keep up any materials you currently have up, and you may continue to do direct conversation etc., but you may not post new material.