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AGS Candidates

Declared Candidates will show in random order below by office.  Please note that someone may run for AGS President and an AGS Council seat and their candidate statements may differ under each office.

AGS President

Connor Strobel
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Name: Connor Strobel
Email: cstrobel@uci.edu


In tumultuous times, graduate students need a leader with a track record of improving policies for graduate students. Graduate students are broke, hate crimes on campus are more frequent, police officers are assaulting alumni, and COVID-19 has thrown the education and research experience upside down. Graduate students need their student government to improve their lives in immediate policy. AGS has not communicated with the student body about all the changes as a result of COVID-19 or the COLA movements systemwide.

This past year, AGS has abdicated its responsibilities to the graduate student body. Don’t take my word for it, the AGS legislation webpage shows that it has not advanced any on-campus policies to improve diversity and inclusivity, housing affordability, cost of living, the ability for students with dependents to access free childcare, police officer misconduct, or improve faculty mentorship. Instead, the only on-campus policy proposal is an ill-guided attempt to substantially raise the AGS fee while students are struggling to make ends meet and while AGS has run an annual surplus. AGS needs to be more than an organization that takes your money, fails to make lasting change, and runs the same social events year after year. Students need AGS to change policies to improve student well-being more than ever!

CONNOR has actually gotten lasting things done, and can make AGS the organization that graduate and professional students deserve.

HOUSING: Right now, UCI Housing runs exclusively off our rents. If nothing changes, either the housing prices continue to rise or we don’t fix the outdated apartments we have. CONNOR has fought and won important changes to UCI housing policy. As the current President of the UC Graduate and Professional Council, the systemwide student government, CONNOR has gotten the UC to change and makes itself eligible for low-income housing money and programs from the state and federal government. Once this transition is complete, UCI Housing won’t have to keep taking all of our money and the UC, legally, can’t charge us as much. CONNOR also convinced the UC Regents to stop approving new housing units based on market rates, and instead got them to look at the percent of student income the rents are. As the current Chair of the Palo Verde Resident’s Council, CONNOR has pressured UCI Housing and Risk Management to actively pay students for mold and rodent damages in their apartments and cars, respectively. CONNOR has also worked with UCOP to get money from the state for mandated low-income housing. If you really want to improve on-campus graduate housing, vote for CONNOR.

DIVERSITY: This year, AGS has not done a single thing on campus to improve UCI policy related to diversity. Hate crimes have gone up, AGS has said nothing. Faculty diversity has largely stagnated, AGS has done nothing. This is insulting and unacceptable. Two years ago, when CONNOR was the AGS Internal Vice President, CONNOR pressured UCI administration to add a student from the Black Student Union on the committee to create a police accountability board. CONNOR has advanced policies for Undocumented graduate students at the systemwide level, as students brace for the outcome of the Supreme Court case. When Iranian students were not allowed back into the United States, CONNOR was on the phone working with UC federal government relations and Congressional staffers to reopen their visa applications. When CONNOR sends students to Sacramento and DC, they have been students from every school and reflective of the beautiful array of diversity that our graduate community truly has. The current AGS President and his office opposed CONNOR‘s push to appoint an Undocumented Student Policy Director, despite that being exactly what AGS should be doing.

LABOR: AGS has not done anything in policy to support the UAW on campus this year. Wildcat strikes, COLA campaigns across the UC, and the current AGS President and his office have not released a statement about how this affects UCI or what AGS should be doing to support the union. We need leadership. CONNOR was a union representative for the sociology department. When the last UAW contract was being negotiated, CONNOR worked with then leadership to make sure they had every piece of institutional knowledge in drafting their demands. As the President of UCGPC, CONNOR regularly worked with the systemwide UAW leadership. That’s support; not silence. If elected AGS President, I commit to appointing an AGS union representative and working closely with the UAW in their advocacy work.

STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: CONNOR is autistic, and he has seen firsthand how UCI does not pay attention to students with physical and cognitive disabilities. The Disability Service Center has denied needy students with service animals, and only gives students in research labs the irrelevant accommodation of more time to take exams. UCI’s aging buildings become more inaccessible each day for students with disabilities. We need an Americans with Disabilities Act audit of the campus. CONNOR has led trainings on inclusive course design and policy.

MENTORSHIP/PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: AGS has done nothing with the Faculty Senate to make mentorship more important in tenure reviews, and nothing in policy to make sure that students are better prepared to use their degrees after graduation. CONNOR worked in economic development before graduate school, exploring ways to improve the school-to-job pipelines. CONNOR has volunteered at the AGS Graduate Research Symposium for several years. CONNOR has worked with faculty to normalize the support for non-traditional career pathways. CONNOR knows what graduate students need and how to get it from the Graduate Division and the Faculty Senate.

CAMPUS COMMUNICATION: This year, the AGS President has been silent on keys issues affecting graduate students. There has been no statement on COVID-19 and the ways the pandemic is affecting graduate student life, and nothing about the union and its working to improve TA pay and protections. If elected President, I would get resolutions passed in the AGS Council and take a stand on the key issues at UCI. I commit to sending regular updates to the graduate student body about AGS’s work on policy and improve AGS’s accountability to the student body. CONNOR has a track record of reaching out to populations that tend to be less engaged with AGS, like master’s degree, international, and undocumented students. CONNOR wrote the code of conduct policy for AGS travel and the AGS Elections Code.

AGS BUSINESS: AGS cannot be effective if council meetings cannot even be scheduled for over a month. We cannot have experienced leadership if AGS is a hostile workplace and leaders are mistreated and pushed out. Two Vice Presidents and student staff were pushed out after being mistreated, weeks have gone by without regular Council meetings, and AGS has not made lasting changes to UCI policy. CONNOR has passed over 30 pieces of legislation and has served as the AGS Parliamentarian. If elected, he would make sure that members of Council are empowered to write legislation that reflects the priorities of the students they represent. AGS needs to be accountable and needs leaders who will commit to empower AGS Council and greater student engagement on the issues. Voting for CONNOR means making AGS work the way UCI students deserve.

Let’s get AGS working for students! Vote CONNOR as AGS President

CONNOR’s’s experience:

  • AGS VP External Affairs (2018-Present)
    • Record Numbers of Students Going to Sacramento and DC
    • Oversaw AGS voter registration efforts
    • Represented AGS on systemwide policy issues
    • Overcome opposition to hire an Undocumented Graduate Student Policy Director and advanced resources for Undocumented Graduate Students
    • 2019 Debbie Davis Graduate Student Award for student service
  • AGS VP Internal Affairs (2016-2018)
    • Fought to get students of color on the campus safety committee (a committee to create the police accountability board)
    • Worked to get permanent funding for the CARE Office
    • Helped survivors of sexual violence and harassment navigate campus resources
    • Fought for scholarships for undocumented graduate students
    • Pushed for an on-campus Americans with Disability Act audit
    • Improved policies for students needing a service animal
    • Worked to get housing to guarantee and TA guarantees for program-to-program graduate transfer students
    • Worked to get institutional funding for the Graduate Symposium
    • Helped the union in the lead up to contract negotiations.
  • AGS Social Science Representative (2016-Present)
    • Based on the AGS website, holds the record for most pieces of legislation passed.
  • AGS Parliamentarian (2017-2018, 2019-Present)
  • AGS Judiciary Committee Chair (2019-Present)
  • UC Graduate and Professional Council President (2019-Present); Chair (2018-2019); Vice Chair (2018)
    • Led the systemwide effort to get housing costs lowered
    • Fought professional degree tuition increases
    • Represented UCGPC at the Regents meetings
  • Student Fee Advisory Committee Chair (2019-Present); Graduate Representative (2017-Present)

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Shane K. M. Wood
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Name: Shane K. M. Wood
Email: swood1@uci.edu

In this time of uncertainty when the problems we must contend with are changing sometimes hour-by-hour, it feels strange to be asking for you to take time to read this statement and vote. But then I’m reminded of how important it is to have the right individual leading during times of change and uncertainty. I have worked diligently for the Graduate and Professional students of UCI for almost four years and believe that I am the strongest candidate to lead us into the 2020-2021 school year and that is why I, Shane K. M. Wood, am running for my second term as AGS President. 

Though I had two years experience both in AGS as VP Admin and Social Events Coordinator and systemwide advocacy as UCGPC’s Legislative director and then Vice-Chair, nothing but experience can truly prepare a person for the enormous responsibilities that the Presidency holds. I am proud of the work I accomplished in my first year: 

  • Bringing acknowledgment of COLA.  I have been working with members of UAW, school administration, UCGPC, Council of Presidents, and UCOP on various aspects of COLA and affordability measures. 
  • UCOP committing to provide dependent care service. Bright Horizons (childcare, elder care, pet care) is currently provided to faculty, staff, and postgrads, extended to graduate students as well. 
  • Working with parking to find more ways to increase accessibility and affordability. I have gotten them to extend free parking for AGS business to all council members and am currently working with them on the best solution for the new Campus Village graduate students. 
  • Creating the Commitment to a Better Education Grant. Starting spring quarter AGS will provide 6 students working with issues of undocumented status with $1500 scholarships. It’s not adequate yet, but as a pilot program, I’m optimistic. 
  • Persuaded UCOP to endorse Student Regent Compensation
  • Spoke with the lieutenant Governor, UC Regents, and Chancellors from all over the system about how imperative supporting graduate students is–and am currently working with UCOP, Council of Presidents, and UCGPC on legislative and systemwide asks to continue to expand services.
  • Expanded Travel Grant funding. 
  • Brokered inclusive policies regarding childcare and family access to ARC and Student Center.
  • Secured the largest event in AGS history partnering with Professional Development, Office of the President, Social, and ASUCI to bring Trixie Mattel.

On the systemwide Student Mental Health Oversight Committee I have gotten commitments for actual, structural change. I’ve expanded representation for graduate students with dependents and reestablished relationships with Graduate Division and brought AGS back on the Orientation podium for the first time in years, and planned and oversaw some of the most diverse activities in AGS history. I have advocated for wrongly-defunded students, helping to find them new funding, worked with FRESH expanding the pantry to monthly mobile pantries in Palo Verde and Verano grad housing. Simultaneously, I’ve represented UCI serving as Graduate Co-Chair of Council of Presidents creating the advocacy agenda that not only improves students’ lives here at UCI, but helps Graduate, Professional, and Undergraduate students at all ten campuses. 

I believe strong leadership takes vision, determination and creative thinking, but I also believe that these strengths must be tempered with humility. I know where my strengths lie, and to best understand and best advocate for aspects of our UCI Grad and Professional experience less familiar to me, I diligently build coalitions. I’m proud of the work accomplished this year, and though great strides have been made, I believe the resources our students will have access to in a year’s time will fundamentally change the well-being of our population dramatically. I believe I’m the best person to take the advocacy I’ve begun this year, and usher into its full potential in the year to come. 

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Shane K. M. Wood
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Name: Shane K. M. Wood
Email: swood1@uci.edu

I have been an avid advocate for CTSA since my first quarter on campus working for pay equity, more campus representation, departmental support as well as being active in the community as dramaturg and director. I would like the opportunity to continue to take the issues important to arts students into every meeting I have whether on campus, system-wide meetings, Regents meetings, or meetings with the New UC President. I’m always reaching out to find out what is important to the community and am committed to continuing this work if youo do so.

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Amy Shine
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Name: Amy Shine
Email: shinea@uci.edu

You may have met me when I’ve brought you bagels, coffee, and AGS swag. Or, maybe we met at an event/production I’ve fought to bring AGS project funds, sponsorship, ticket sales, and visibility to. The Arts and the affiliated entertainment industry bring in a significant percentage of not only California’s Gross Domestic Product, but our national GDP. It is long past time that our stringent years of training, unique skills, and irreplaceable contributions to society stop being denigrated, but instead be acknowledged, celebrated, and respected! For three years I’ve been working in AGS, UCI, throughout the UC system, and in our state and federal systems to bring visibility to and fight for funding for the Arts. If you vote me in for this, my final year as a UCI PhD student, as one of your CTSA AGS Council Representatives I promise I’ll keep supporting the Arts, keep fighting for funding and respect for our students, and advocating for our graduate students’ wellbeing.

Thank you, all!

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Biological Sciences

Caitlin N. Suire
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Name: Caitlin N. Suire
Email: csuire@uci.edu

Hello all!

My name is Caitlin N. Suire, I’m finishing up my fourth year in the Department of Neurobiology of Behavior. I have participated in AGS in previous years, and enjoyed being able to help students and communication the needs of the school to administration. I hope to do the same in the upcoming year!

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Melissa Dahlin
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Name: Melissa Dahlin
Email: mdahlin@uci.edu

Fellow School of Education (SoE) graduate students – It would be an honor to serve as one of your AGS representatives during the 2020-21 School Year. Over my three years of experience in AGS, I continue to witness how important student voice is in advocating for changes at the UCI and UC system level. I supported work on the AGS Student Survey, whose results have infomed discussions with UCI administrators. I value the opportunity to convey SoE student concerns and hope to continue to do so in the upcoming year.

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Rozhin Yasaei
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Name: Rozhin Yasaei
Email: ryasaei@uci.edu

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Navied Akhtar
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Name: Navied Akhtar
Email: akhtarn@uci.edu

Greetings to all graduate students! I am running for my 4th year on AGS’s council as a School of Engineering Representative. In my tenure on council, I’ve been involved in a number of boards, including the Student Health Insurance Advisory Committee, Engineering Student-Faculty Task Force Committee, and Internal Committee. I have loved every moment of working to improve student life at UCI and would love to continue doing so.

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Emad Kasaeyan Naeini
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Name: Emad Kasaeyan Naeini
Email: ekasaeya@uci.edu

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Matthew Brand
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Name: Matthew Brand
Email: mbrand1@uci.edu

My name is Matthew Brand and I am a 4th year Enviromental Engineering PhD student running for AGS Council for 2020-2021.

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Information and Computer Sciences

Muhammad Twaha Ibrahim
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Name: Muhammad Twaha Ibrahim
Email: muhammti@uci.edu

I’m Muhammad Twaha Ibrahim, a third-year PhD student in the Graphics and Visualization lab in the Computer Science Department. I want to represent the School of Information and Computer Science (ICS) in the AGS Council.

I currently serve as a council representative for ICS-Engineering DECADE (Diverse Educational Community and Doctoral Experience) council. DECADE seeks to diversify graduate programs by providing support to women and underrepresented minorities. My responsibilities as council member include attending weekly meetings and planning, organizing and conducting ICS-Engineering DECADE events.

Serving on the ICS-Engineering DECADE council, I noticed that some graduate students experience difficulties and problems in their respective departments due to their race, national origin, gender etc. Such experiences hamper their studies and growth as researchers. I want to play my part in addressing these issues so that our graduate students can excel in their studies and research at UCI. That is why I want to represent ICS in the AGS council.

As an international student, I also understand the many challenges that international graduate students face while studying in the US. The ICS department has a large number of international students and I can voice their concerns in the AGS council.

I also serve as Secretary on the Board for the Student Center Events Services (SCES). Aside from attending weekly meetings, my responsibilities as secretary include planning, organizing and conducting events hosted by the Student Center. For example, during Winter Quarter 2020, we hosted a Voters Registration Booth and, before Finals week, distributed free greenbooks and scantrons to students. As secretary, I am also responsible for taking minutes during each meeting and conducting votes on issues brought to the Board.

I am also responsible for maintaining/updating our research lab’s website and organizing our weekly meetings.

Given my experience in planning and organizing events, I will also work for conducting new events and improve existing ones hosted by AGS (e.g. social, networking, professional development events).

I believe my experience is well suited for representing ICS in the AGS council. I fulfill my responsibilities and commitments and meet deadlines. I am also respectful and organized, and work well in a team. I look forward to representing ICS in the AGS council.

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Steven Norris
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Name: Steven Norris
Email: scnorris@uci.edu

My name is Steven Norris and Fall 2020 will be the start of my fifth year in the Philosophy PhD program here at UCI.  I have been an AGS Representative for the School of Humanities for the past three years.  In my time as an AGS rep I have worked with both the Internal and External Committees.  I have traveled to Sacramento and Washington D.C. to lobby our representatives on matters important to both graduate and undergraduate students, including access to affordable housing, opportunities for funding, and post graduate employment.  One of the issues that’s of primary concern to me over the next year is guaranteeing that the 5+2 offers that were made to Humanities graduate students are honored.  As some may recall, in January 2019 the status of the available funding for the 5+2 program came under question.  The number of Humanities students who will become eligible to apply for their +2 grows considerably next year.  Although rumor has it these concerns have been addressed, I think this issue still requires attention.

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Sara Newsome
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Name: Sara Newsome
Email: newsomes@uci.edu

I am Sara Newsome, a fourth year PhD Candidate in East Asian Studies. I previously served as a Humanities Representative for the 17-18 and 18-19 school years. During the 18-19 school year, I also served as the Campus Communications Director and as the AGS representative for the Humanities Executive Council. I was also part of the AGS Lobby Corps 18-19, with which I traveled to Sacramento to lobby on behalf of graduate students.

In my time at AGS, I served on the Social Committee, where I assisted in the planning of events such as karaoke, Winter Wonderland, Spring Fling, and Welcome Week. As Campus Communications Director, I promoted many of these events on social media and maintained the AGS website. I was also involved in the Internal Committee, where I helped to interpret the data from the 18-19 Student Life Survey and to co-author the 18-19 Graduate Student Life Survey Report.

I would like to continue representing Humanities students to AGS. If I am elected, I intend to advocate for better housing and funding for graduate students, using the information from the Student Life Survey as well as from meeting with my fellow Humanities graduate students through events such as bagel days. I also intend to become more involved with AGS’ lobby efforts in order to bring these concerns to the local, state and national governments. As part of the Social Committee, I hope to offer more events to help Humanities students connect to other students across campus and foster interdisciplinary relations and friendships.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Medical Academics (Health Sciences/Non-AMS)

Abhery Das
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Name: Abhery Das
Email: abheryd@uci.edu

Hello! My name is Abhery Das and I’m a second year PhD student in Public Health. I focus on mental health research and want to bring that voice to the UC Irvine Associated Graduate Students. Being at UCI these past two years has been a great experience. I’ve had the opportunity to take classes outside of the department and have met students from various disciplines. I’ve enjoyed hearing about their experiences and what brought them here. I’d like to be a representative for Public Health as I believe the program has a lot to offer students from all departments. I would personally like to bring a mental health lens to the graduate student experience and believe AGS  could be a great platform for doing that.

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Non-MD Medical Representative

Kelli Malott
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Name: Kelli Malott
Email: kmalott@uci.edu

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Physical Sciences

Yong Li
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Name: Yong Li
Email: yongl10@uci.edu

I will be a second-year graduate student who is studying physical chemistry. It is my honor to serve you in the school year of 2019-2020. Now I am seeking for your vote for the next school year of 2020-2021.

I am a minority and first-generation immigration, who is pursuing my American dream through my hard working and dedication. I have been in the working force for more than 15 years. I was a minimum wage earner who must work multiple jobs at the same time to keep the bill paid. I have dismissed from two community college because of language barrier and had hard time to maintain a GPA of 2.0. What I am saying is that my road to my academia goal has not been smooth, and I have been a fighter who won battles. I am here to fight for the good rights for the graduate students in the School of Physical Science and UCI, and I will win.

Here is something I am interesting at for our benefit. I will fight for the increasing of the travel fund for graduate students. I will fight for the longer period of guarantee housing, to make sure every graduate student will not have to worry about the housing situation while in the program. I will fight for the undocumented students who are already enrolled in the program, because they are part of the family of UCI now, we will not leave anyone behind.

Thank you for taking time reading my statement, I am looking forward to serving the graduate students in the School of Physical Science. For this goal, I need and appreciate your vote. Thank you!


Best Regards,



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Social Ecology

Jared Celniker
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Name: Jared Celniker
Email: jcelnike@uci.edu

Hello SE Graduate Students,

I’m running to continue forwarding your interests and concerns throughout campus as one of your AGS representatives.

I have been an AGS representative for the past three years, and I am currently serving as the VP of Internal Affairs, the primary student advocate on issues of campus housing, health care, mental health resources, campus climate, and a variety of other topics. In these roles, I help individual students resolve a diverse range of issues and concerns, from finding emergency housing to increasing access to and coverage of specific medications. I also advocate for graduate students’ collective interests to the highest levels of faculty and administration, making sure that graduate students’ needs are factored into all major decisions being considered by the university. This has been difficult, important, and rewarding work that I aim to build upon going forward.

Thank you for your consideration, and please contact me at vpinternal@ags.uci.edu so that I can resolve any issues you are facing or put you in contact with someone who can.

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Maureen Purcell
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Name: Maureen Purcell
Email: mjpurcel@uci.edu

I will be a 5th year Social Ecology Core student and have served on AGS the past two years. I care deeply about student mental and physical health and access to services as well as student finances. I also want to ensure that AGS and university funding is spent appropriately on services and programming that benefits all students. If reelected, I will work with representatives from across campus to make progress in these areas.

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Jessus Jasso Verduzco
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Name: Jessus Jasso Verduzco
Email: jjverduz@uci.edu

I have chosen to declare my candidacy for AGS Representative because I want to be a voice for all Graduate Students in the School of Social Ecology.  As a first-generation college graduate I have unique insight to many of the obstacles that working-class, international and New-American students endure. I feel that my passion and work experience makes me an ideal candidate for AGS Representative. As an employee of an immigrant’s rights center, O.L.A. Raza Inc (Organization for the Legal Advancement of Raza), I focused on educating communities and advocating for immigration reform at the local and state level. As an intern with P.O.D.E.R. (People Organizing for Environmental and Economic Rights), I worked alongside community leaders to fight for more affordable housing projects in San Francisco. As an AGS Representative, I hope to be an extension of the students in the School of Social Ecology and use my voice for the issues that matter most to us.

If elected to serve on the Graduate Council member, my goal is to advocate for issues, such as, but not limited to; increasing affordable student housing, campus safety, and creating more opportunities for students from traditionally underrepresented communities. My overarching goal is to keep my ear close to the ground in order to use my vote in the most effective way possible. All in all, I will hold this position with a high level of integrity and work towards creating an inclusive and supportive campus. Thank you.

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Social Sciences

Canton Winer
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Name: Canton Winer
Email: cwiner@uci.edu

I am excited to officially run as an AGS Representative for the School of Social Sciences. Over the past academic year, I have had the pleasure of serving as AGS’ LGBTQ+ Engagement Chair, and I look forward to bringing that experience with me as a voting member of AGS.

I am a third-year Sociology Ph.D. student, and my research focuses on gender, sexuality, and masculinity. I am involved in a number of groups, committees, and initiatives at UCI that I am confident will bring value to AGS. These include:

  • Student Representative on the School of Social Sciences’ Graduate Student Diversity, Inclusion and Development Committee (2018-present)
  • President of the Queer Graduate Caucus (2018-present)
  • LGBTQ+ Mentor through the UCI Counseling Center (2018-present)
  • Grad Interconnect Mentor for incoming international students (2019)
  • AGS LGBTQ+ Engagement Chair (2019-present)
  • School of Social Science Dean’s Fellowship Advisory Committee (2019-present)
  • Faculty Representative for the Sociology Graduate Student Association (2019-present)

As an AGS Representative, I plan to bring a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion to the AGS Council. I will advocate for addressing the rent-burden faced by far too many students at UCI (and throughout the UC system), creating an environment that is actively inclusive, and boosting access to important services AGS provides, such as conference travel grants and student project funds. Most importantly, I pledge to listen to your concerns and to voice them to AGS as a whole.

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Daniel Ganz
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Name: Daniel Ganz
Email: dganz@uci.edu

Hi Social Sciences grad students!

My name is Daniel Ganz and I’m currently one of your five AGS Social Sciences representatives. I am a fifth-year JD/PhD student here at UCI, with the PhD in economics.

It’s been an honor serving as your AGS representative this past year. In the last year, I have served on the AGS Internal Committee, served at AGS parent advisory meetings, and served as one of the three AGS representatives to Graduate Council. In all of my roles, my objective has been to advocate for the interests and needs of Social Sciences grad students, and the graduate student body at large.

As one of the representatives to Graduate Council, I’ve helped ensure that the graduate voice is present when important decisions about graduate programs and policies are being made, and I’ve ensured that there is a clear line of communication between Graduate Council and the AGS Council. I’ve also held weekly office hours to ensure that graduate students have a direct line of communication with their AGS representative, which I will continue to do next year. With the outbreak of COVID-19 and the major changes in lifestyle that this outbreak is causing, now more than ever we need a solid network of communication between students, their student government representatives, and administration; I will ensure that that network of communication remains unbroken.

I would be honored to have your vote for reelection as one of your AGS Social Sciences representatives so that I can continue my work to make AGS responsive to your needs.

Thank you!

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Connor Strobel
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Name: Connor Strobel
Email: cstrobel@uci.edu

Hello Social Science Friends! I’ve served as one of your Social Science representatives for 4 years, while also serving as the VP External Affairs (2018-Present) and the VP Internal Affairs (2016-2018). I have been dedicated to raising the issues facing graduate students in Social Sciences and have passed more than 30 pieces of legislation on issues ranging from Housing to CARE funding to Racism on Campus. I received the 2019 Debbie Davis Graduate Student Award for my work for graduate students through AGS. If elected as one of your Social Science representatives, I commit to building AGS’s professional development opportunities for students interested in non-academic careers, improving housing affordability, improving resources for graduate students with disabilities, supporting the our union, and other issues important to Social Science students. I am deeply grateful for the privilege of serving you, and would be humbled to continue representing you.

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Candidate Endorsements

CandidateOrganizationOrg Endorser
Muhammad Twaha IbrahimMuslim Student UnionBisher Kudaimi
Connor StrobelMuslim Student UnionBisher Kudaimi
Navied AkhtarMuslim Student UnionBisher Kudaimi